Path Of The Beast King (Old) original

Path Of The Beast King (Old) POTBK

Author: Shakin_Bacon

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39 Their New Powers (Part 2) 11 months ago

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A day had passed since the former prisoners had arrived in Faruth's village and amongst them, the Goblins were feeling particularly down. After hearing Faruth's speech about staying in his village or dying from wild beasts, they were almost scared into staying. The other three that had been imprisoned with them however, didn't hold the same fear in their hearts.

They all knew that Gobudama held high ambitions, he had always wanted to be a chieftain himself and redeem the weak name of their race. Regardless of whether they were with him or not, all 4 knew that he would go on to achieve great things.

That's why the reason for their sadness came as a complete surprise to them. The next morning when they awoke, the hunters had returned to the village, each one carrying a large piece of meat with them. It wasn't until they got closer that they realised the true identity of the meat that the hunters carried. It was the three Goblins that had left yesterday, Gobudama included.

If the shock had worn off they would have undoubtedly burst into tears, but instead, they asked the hunters how they were found. Just as they were warned by the Chieftain, the three had been killed by magi

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