Blue Star Cultivator

Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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It was an overcast day, the dark clouds looming on the horizon gave the mountain a dreary grey atmosphere. The gentle wind continuously pushed dried leaves along the craggy ground.

For the past month on the Stellar Mountain, Hartley had made intermittent trips to the main building at the foot of the mountain.

He wasn't expecting it to be as peaceful as it had been, but that was mainly because he was on a secluded part of the mountain.

He had not yet fully explored the surrounding, giving him little chance of running into the other 5 core disciples stationed there.

He made his way down the mountain wearing his red robe, his hair was loose, framing his handsome face in an unkempt manner, evidence of his dedication to his cultivation in the past week.

Entering the main three-story building, he headed up the staircase towards the 2nd floor.

On the second floor there was a mission board, from here core disciples could choose a mission to undertake, earning clan points and gaining real world experience in the process.

There he met the inner disciple girl that had poured him tea when he had arrived , her name was Zhang Shisu and she was somewhat of an assistant to

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