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19 The Dragon Stew Restauraunt! 3yr

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Hartley could sense 5 xiantian experts approaching from multiple directions with ill intent.

He was nervous, not because he feared them but because Zhi Ruo was here and in the line of fire. He immediately stood up and slammed in his right palm on the table.


The table turned to dust, the steaming hot delicacies flying across the room. Furniture was going to be a hindrance to his movement in this tight space, with a shocked look on her face Zhi Ruo coughed from inhaling the wooden dust.

Before she could catch her breath.


Hartley applied gravity repel to her body which sent her moving to the left at a fast pace, she flew out about 25m before Hartely tried to counteract the speed of her movement with "gravity attract", this was a move where Hartley could use the force of gravity parallel to the ground to bring things towards him, providing the item wasn't tied or nailed down.

It worked!

Slowing down her momentum enough that as she hit the wall of the restaurant, she didn't break any bones, she only fainted.

Hartley was worried about her but didn't have the luxury to be fully concerned with her at this moment.

A 2nd layer xiantian expert c

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