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22 A New Pleasure 3yr

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It was night time in a house about twenty miles from the central region of the Waltham province, there was a half moon sitting lazily high in the middle of the sky, it was giving off a warm blueish glow to the surrounding trees and foliage.

The humble two bedroom house had a small courtyard that was bathed in the hypnotic glow from the moon. Two people were in the bedroom on the west side of the house that faced the back mountains in the distance.

One person was sat on a soft bed with blankets made of fluffy animal pelts, a sweet fragrance permeated through the entire room.

Hartley was sitting on the bed with his upper body naked, Zhi Ruo was stooping in front of him with a mid sized wooden bucket by her feet filled with warm water, she had a soft piece of cloth that she was dipping in the bucket and using it to clean the blood from Hartley's upper body and face.

Fortunately for the youth, none of this blood was his own.

She displayed a shy blush every time she reached out and touched his body, moving the cloth up and down gently scrubbing away the stubborn dry blood before dipping it again in the water, turning the water in the bucket a deeper shade of red each time

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