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In these last three days spent with Ruo Hartley had come to know of her origins more in depth.

She was not a native of the Waltham province, she had migrated here with her father from the Duancehal province which was the capital of Aidonia and her father was somehow involved with the royal family, he must have been a soldier or something of that ilk, Hartley wasn't sure because he couldn't get her to open up about her father in much detail.

On the journey to the Waltham province she had lost her mother by a savage bandit attack, upon reaching the Waltham province her father bought the house that she now lives and set up an armory shop in the central regions where she apprenticed under him for years until he peacefully passed away.

Whether through sentiments or just not being able to face the room of her late father, she had kept it as it used to be when he was alive, Hartley didn't want to snoop around but couldn't help himself from having a look.

The room had a simple wooden work desk and an old chair, the bed covered with worn pelts and a layer of dust was sitting at the far corner of the room, there was a collection of tobacco pipes hung neatly on the wall, overall,

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