Blue Star Cultivator

Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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Even though Lou Lee was conceited, he was also thorough, he had tried to gather as much information as possible during these last 7 days.

He assumed Hartley to be a 1st layer xanthian who had affinity to a mysterious element, his grandfather had also put a file together, but the information was still sketchy, Lou Lee's grandfather couldn't imagine why Hartley was so favored by the higher ups, he was approached by a messenger from higher up and given an assignment to put together a good team and lethally assault Hartley to test his prowess and it didn't matter if he died in the process.

He recruited a couple strong combat specialist and added three reliable core disciples to carry out the mission.....The team was wiped out in minutes and they still hadn't gained any concrete information other than that he is fast and uses dual blades one short one long.

The information about the team being wiped out was top secret, but Lou Lee was warned that Hartley was very strong. Lou Lee took heed of these warnings but he still couldn't understand how a 1st layer xanthian without a proper elemental affinity could truly be of any threat to him.

There were two people stood facing eac

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