Blue Star Cultivator

Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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The crowd slowly dispersed in hushed whispers, while propping their necks to the see the back of Hartley leaving the area, no one around really knew who Hartley was, they paid attention to the handsome youth who had just defeated a 3rd layer xiantian and his grand-dad who was a 5th layer xiantian, in the eyes of the shocked disciples, Hartley appeared to be only a normal handsome youth who could pull of miracles in battle.

One person had her eyes glued to the back of the youth, she was Zhang Shisu, and she knew the altercation was because she looked favorably towards the handsome youth and Lou Lee could tell.

Even though she wasn't interested in Lou Lee, experts who had some attainments always seemed to be possessive towards the females in the clan, they would act as if they owned the females they fancied, even if the feelings were not reciprocated.

Zhang Shisu knew this and had always kept a neutral tone when dealing with such disciples in order to not send out any unwanted signals but it was the opposite when she was dealing with Hartley, somehow her interest in him always manifested itself in her behavior, to her disappointment, he never seemed to have the same interest

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