Blue Star Cultivator

Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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29 Bandit Hunting 2yr

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Sat in a luxurious looking padded chair, Lou Chang was behind a long wooden desk as Hartley and Lou Chingham entered the office, all three exchanged greetings then Lou Chang invited them sit on a pair of padded chairs on the other side of the desk while he had his head down shuffling through some parchments on the desk.

Lou Chang found the one he was looking for then got straight to the point and began to speak.

"Hartley there are four mountains with core disciples stationed, they are Stella mountain, Violet mountain, Archane mountain and Cyclops mountain. Each year there is a set amount of missions assigned to each set of core disciples to complete."

He shuffled through a few more parchment and continued without lifting his head.

"These missions are usually only done by a team of core disciples assigned to a certain mountain, we currently have no missions assigned to the Stellar mountain but Violet mountain is short handed at the moment so they have requested three of ours to join them and complete their assignment."

Lou Chang finally lifted his head to see if Hartley had any questions, Hartley stayed quiet so he continued.

"Under the leadership of of Lou Tai fro

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