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Squish! Hartley crushed a bug underfoot as he made his way through the forest accompanied by four other core disciples, they were making their way on foot towards a bandit camp about 20 miles north-west in a thick forest.

The undergrowth had made it a harder trip than it had to be, but Lou Tai had decided to approach off the beaten path, which turned out to be a good decision as they had taken out several bandit scouts patrolling in the vicinity. The bandit prisoner had given a detailed description of the position and defense of the camp, he was then granted a quick merciful death by Lou Tai in return to the complaints of the sadistic Lou Ang who wanted to carry on.

According to the information, the camp was located in a valley between two hills, which would be easily passed if one was unaware of its existence.

It was almost dawn and the dark skies had turned a shade lighter, it would not be long before first light. Lou Tai a fire elemental 3rd layer xiantian made the others stop and gather when they were in sight of the bandit camp.

The hideout was nestled between two gently rolling hills filled with vegetation and stretched towards what seems like a valley down below.

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