Blue Star Cultivator

Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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After sweeping through the bandit camp, the five core disciples regrouped at the improvised stables at the far right, Qin Li went and released the captured merchants, as soon as their bonds were broken, the merchants started hysterically rambling, screaming that there was a black devil in the shrine building eating the souls of men, with horrified faces they ran bare footed towards the exit of the valley, cursing their creator for not giving them more legs.

Lou Tai then shouted "be on guard the xiantians are coming out"

The two xiantian emerged from the small building, one of medium build and average height with white hair and white beard, his mustache and beard were divided by a sinister grin, he then gave his instructions to the other black robed 3rd layer xiantian with wind affinity, who was slim and tall with blonde hair, he was a younger looking man, he had a plane face with no emotions visible.

"Kill the merchants, leave no witnesses"

said the white haired earth element xiantian.

Small cyclone-like winds formed around the ankles of the lanky plane faced man, stirring up debris and dust which circled around his body, he then shot off in the direction of the merc

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