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Hartley confiscated the space ring of the blonde lanky man then made his way back to the bandit camp.

The first rays of sunshine began cutting through the hazy dawn, making the surrounding sky bright blue supplemented by a thin yellow glow.

Hartley had made light work of the blonde haired lanky man, defeating him within a few technical exchanges of sword strikes. He returned to join the others, up until this point, he had not been pushed, he was a 4th layer xiantian after all.

A mid phase xiantian was a difference of heaven and earth when compared to an early phase xiantian, Hartley knew one should not depend on realms and sub-realms, he had continued practicing his star feet technique and increased his battle experience by not using his full strength.

From the crest of the hill he looked into the valley to see his fellow core disciples battling against the white haired earth elemental 3rd layer xiantian expert.

A sheet of brown elemental light would appear whenever an attack approached his body, it shielded him from harm as he kept moving around the valley, managing to avoid taking two simultaneous attacks at the same time.

Lou Rylai approach to the battle was th

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