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35 The cloaked Devil 2 2yr

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The dark cloaked man had a hood covering his head, his face was a cavern of darkness, it was as if there was no head under the cloak's hood just darkness. Everyone reflexively took a backward step as the man appraised the environment and evaluated the people stood before him, his stare stopped on each individual for just a split second.

He had an aura of black surrounding his body, it looked like a heat haze in the middle of the summer months which made the outline of his body seem blurry.

The man had no aura of power but a creepiness overcame all in his presence. He had the aura of death wreaking off him like the pungent scent of the unclean.

Tingles ran down Hartley's spine, unlike the rest, he had heard about the things this devil had gotten up to, but hearing and seeing were two different things and now seeing this character for himself, Hartley was in no doubt about the evil the merchants had spoken about.

The dark hood stopped turning his head and faced the direction of Lou Ang, then a croaky voice like metal grinding against metal spoke

"What a deliciously evil soul you have got, I want it."

Everyone looked on in puzzlement, then a black as jet s

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