Blue Star Cultivator

Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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With their home province visible in the distance, a sense of relief washed over the group, all had been tense expecting the worse, What the merchants had witnessed was harrowing. Some of them were knowledgeable people who knew a thing or two about martial scriptures, they knew what the dark cloaked man was using was a forbidden death technique.

The use of the dark arts to harvest people souls has been outlawed on the Aldora continent, all three prominent countries had agreed to this since the days when a devilish clan had wreaked a trail of destruction across the affiliate countries, snatching peoples soul as a cultivation device. It had cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people before all three prominent countries on the continent formed a coalition to crush the sadists once and for all..

Now if someone was even suspected of practicing the forbidden dark arts, they would be put to death and their clan disbanded. The practitioner's closest kin would be put to the sword also, to stand by and watch the dark arts gain footing on the continent was a crime in and of itself.

Hartley did not let his concentration lax, he knew from his experiences in hunting that,

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