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Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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39 A means to an end 2yr

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A carriage laden to capacity rumbled on through the dark night, the creaks and squeaks of the protesting carriage bringing the now weary-looking merchants continued towards the Waltham province. Hartley still held his position a hundred meters behind. Lou Tai and Qin Li flanked the carriage on both sides

When they were 2 miles from the Waltham province, there came the loud rumblings of horse hooves coming in their direction, Hartley could now sense several xiantians approaching at a fast pace through the forest. He flashed forward and rejoined with the group... Approaching on the main road was a squad of fully armored soldiers and alighting from the forest were some elders and core disciples of the Lou clan that Hartley didn't recognize.

"What happened, are you guys ok?" a tall man in a suit of shiny armor that glistened under the faint moonlight inquired as he rushed ahead of the squad to inspect the occupants of the carriage. The merchants with blood shot eyes had a look of relief as they all competed to recount their experiences at the bandit camp and pointed out Hartley as the young lord who had saved their lives.

The man came over to

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