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The atmosphere of the bizarre stand-off suddenly changed to a serious and sinister state palpable to all present, as the ripe smile which was plastered across the black haired man's face all this while was replaced by a twisted evil scowl.

"You surely will die with big regrets" he barked. He then used his hands to quietly relay signals to the men behind him.

In a trained fashion the men dismounted smoothly from their horses and retrieved big black cross bows strapped to the packs on their horses.

All five bandits behind their xiantian leader were men at the peak of houtian realm, they would no doubt be significantly stronger than an average adult, but their real strength was their precision teamwork, coupled with the powerful crossbows they wielded, they posed a significant threat.

In the right circumstances they could even be a threat to 2nd layer xiantians.

The men moved in a practiced fashion as if they were military personnel, all leveled their crossbows, took a step forward and immediately took aim.

One could tell they had done this many times before as they had perfect synchronized coordination. The choreographed team moved as one entity, the move o

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