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Blue Star Cultivator BSC

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The big bad xiantian bandit leader now looked like a pitiful fox caught in a trap, his proud face now showed a painful grimace awash with sweat as his dark robe was stained red, the blood from his almost decapitated arm sputtered down his side, sending the warm liquid splashing all over and freely spilling onto the clay of the main road, he looked at Qin Li with evident fear showing on his face.

His steps started to wobble as a wave of dizziness passed over him, the blood loss was starting to affect his coordination. He disengaged from the battle and activated his wind element armor in a last ditch desperate attempt to flee the scene..

A green glow now enveloped the man from his waist up to his neck. As his hopes of surviving this encounter started to wane, the man attempt to save his life by escape, the wind elements swirled and gathered around the man as he gulped down a lungful of air and made wobbly unsteady steps desperately increasing his speed and distance in the opposite direction of the two monsters.

All the knowledge he thought he knew about the cultivation world had now been shattered, he was running for his life, hoping to escape from a 2nd layer xiantian

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