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"It's a pity then that I am going to be the last person to accompany you." Jen said coldly.

He unsheathed his saber and positioned himself as a predator ready to attack his prey. The muscles on his legs contracted and then he exploded with a speed totally impossible to achieve to an ordinary human.

Meanwhile, the drowsy man didn't remain idle. He started circulating his dominion energy and his tattoos which previously looked as if they were sleeping lit up.

The strength that his arms emitted right now caused that the air around them to become slightly blurry as if there was a flame burning and creating waves of heat.

His Dahl seemed to shrink with the contraction of his arms. He then punched toward the incoming Jen and said: "Hmph a saber? Naive."

A lot of actions seem to have occurred but in reality, only 5 seconds had passed since the start of the fight.

The saber and the punch collided. Jen's body trembled and he was repelled but somersaulted in time and landed heavily on the floor creating a small pit under his feet. Evidently, he had been unable to repel all the force carried on the punch and this was transmitted to the ground. Still, his countenance looked

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