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Nobody don't know internet. Fastest news about the world, fastest a way long distance communication and any information you want it can be found in there. Started from gossip about certain superstar, some secrets certain family, even some mystery ridiculous it can be found.
JAMMER.COM is one of them, they say it website who can help get anything you desire, they say it group of crazy people and mostly it just joke some people because no one want help other just because they hiring people and do anything to them.

But no one about it matter to Jinjing be it ridiculous joke, crazy people or anything. She in fact don't believe some mystery on internet, but starting two last week she hardly deny it because she experince that they called helping anything you desire, Jammer.

*tok *tok

" Miss Jinjing, it's about time we go to office "
Who called her just now is member Jammer, he absurdly appear before her apartement a month ago and say something about she is his client from now on. He will help anything she want from wealth, knowledge or love after they sign contract which they agreed beforehand, he say.

" Ok, you wait out there soon i come out "

" Okay "


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