Monster Pet Evolution

Monster Pet Evolution MPE

Author: Wine Pool Inebriation

4.4 (1,544 ratings)

384 Rescue 3 months ago

Translator: Vicky_Editor: Vicky_

The closer they were to the stone walls, the more the group of black men could feel a great expansive force.
"Can't fly. Flight isn't possible in the sky here!" said one of the trainers with a frown as the golden-winged vulture that had originally been thousands of feet in the air flew lower and lower.
"It's probably because of something strange about the yellow light on the top of the stone walls," said one of the black men, raising his head to look at the yellow glow above their heads. "Eh… why is the yellow light gone?"
While they were still far away from the stone wall, they could see that yellow glow. But when they reached the bottom of the stone wall, all they could see was a blood red sky when they looked up.
The sky in this world was strange. In the morning, it was pale pink. The closer it was to noon, the more intense the red light became, bathing the world in a blood red color when it was noon. As the day approached evening, the color of the sky gradually became a dark re

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