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Mai rose with the sun in the morning. She could vaguely remember being really sad last night, there were dried tears that had run down her cheeks. Mai thought it was really important but couldn't remember any of it, with a sigh she glanced at Mulan. Decided that it was time to go to the courtyard since Mulan had been in the room all night and Mai had no idea how good it was at not doing its business in the room.

She stretched before she walked towards the door. Mai expected it to be locked but was pleasantly surprised that it was not.

"Come Mulan let's go outside" Mai beckoned to the little pig.

Mulan Ooinked as she dashed after Mai not wanting to miss a beat.

In the distance Mai could see someone that was in her courtyard. A little concerned she slowed down her steps to see who it could be. She was once again surprised as it was Zhi Yan.

"Good morning, mistress!" Zhi Yan shouted as she saw Mai.

Mai not being much of a morning person could barely contain the energy to reply even half as excited as the young servant in front of her.

"So, being your companion and all I thought maybe if the mistress is okay with it that we could workout together?" Zhi Yan a

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