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It was too small.
Jim looked inside the bathroom, at the untiled floor and the broken shower. A substitute of the shower, a bucket and a mug were kept under a rather suspicious looking tap. He sighed. Why was he even surprised? What was he expecting?
Shrugging, Jim began to undress. Then suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind, and he turned around to check if the door was properly locked. Thankfully, the latch was not broken, and nobody could push it open unless they actually kicked it.
Which he knew none in the room outside would care to do.
He hung the towel over the shower knob, and turned the tap on, a bit hesitantly. Jim was amazed as water came gushing out of the little thing. It was like a mini flood! He hadn't bathed under a tap for a long while. The last time he had done it, it had been in some village, years ago.
The feeling in his below-the-waist area had subsided now, but somehow, Jim was afraid to look at himself. He quickly picked up the bodywash and began to clean up. Compared to the mop smell that he had been emitting for hours now, this was actually heavenly.
The water was damn cold, so Jim didn't take long. He just made sure he wasn't stinking anymore,

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