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The Daily Grind. TDG

Author: ActuallyArgus

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After taking a dozen more right turns, and never overlapping with their own path, Anesh had felt the novelty wear off. "Okay," he told James, "let's turn around, see if we can backtrack and get out of this trap."

They backtracked. After thirty left turns, they had not gotten anywhere, instead seeing the same four hallways repeating over and over. A quick discussion, and they started trying different movement patterns. Anesh started keeping notes, leaving up sticky note signposts that they never passed again. One of them would go to the end of the hall and wait, while the other one looped around. They'd communicate by radio, and find that they should have passed twice, but never saw each other.

Undoing their steps and meeting up again, they put their heads together. "This is a bit awful." James had said. "But not a big deal. We can try punching through the walls, right? Let's just cut our way out, and meet up with Ganesh."

So, they'd shifted one of the desks away, and taken their hatchets to the towering wall. After punching a perforated door pattern in it, they did a quick three-count and kicked inward. Checking through the poof of dust from the shredded fab

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