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"Okay, so, what are we doing tonight? Do you have a full list?" James asked Anesh as they sat in James' cubicle. He was currently between calls, having just explained to someone that it was reasonably unlikely that their phone was being tapped by the Chinese government. He specifically said 'unlikely', because he had a weird gut feeling that on the other side of the world, there was someone at a desk just like his, speaking a different language, explaining to a disgruntled spy over the phone that it was pretty unlikely that the random middle-age woman he was wiretapping in the US was actually onto him.

Anesh was standing in the middle of the small desk cluster, of which only one of the chairs was actually occupied. He was staring at the ceiling tiles above James' desk, one of which had been marked by a small sharpie'd X. "First thing on the list is figuring out why you haven't changed desks, if there's a dimensional rift that spits out monsters above this one."

James looked up at the ceiling briefly. "Well, I like this desk." He said before going back to hitting the random button on Wikipedia to kill time.

"There are dozens of empty desks around here. Just p

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