A World Worth Protecting

A World Worth Protecting AWWP

Author: Er Gen

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Although the cruiser had plummeted to the ground, damaging several of the surrounding buildings and leaving a deep crater in the ground, its surface did not appear damaged. The door to the cruiser had opened and four youths walked out of it.
The four of them were wearing Ethereal Dao College student robes, and from the logos on their clothing, they were students of the Dharmic Armament faculty!
The moment they appeared, the angry mob around them drew gasps. None of them dared speak loudly. Instead, they murmured in discussion. After all, Ethereal Dao College was one of the four great Dao Colleges of the Federation. Furthermore, it was connected to Ethereal City. Many of the students who graduated would take up positions in the various departments in the Federation. Such a Dao College had an unimaginably strong heritage.
It would have been fine if the accident involved them, but now, with the accident having nothing much to do with them, the crowd did not wish to cross the students verbally. Also, it was clear at a glance that the four youths came from quite spectacular backgrounds.
The four youths who walked out of the cruiser completely ignored the crowd. They were even chatti

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