Lord of the Mysteries

Lord of the Mysteries LoM

Author: Cuttlefish That Loves Diving

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After finding the project team and gaining an understanding of the situation, I spend quite a bit of time organizing the information. I also leave the company at three in the afternoon, preparing myself to head towards the city's police station to visit the staff in charge.
After leaving my company's building, I take out my phone, open my ride-sharing app, and submit my destination.
Since it's not the evening rush hour, I get a driver in just a few seconds.
He's in the vicinity, one minute… I glance at the notification and am very pleased that I don't need to wait too long.
One minute passes quickly, but as I look left and right, I don't see the license plate that I remember.
Suspecting that I've misremembered, I hurriedly unlock my phone to confirm the situation.
At this moment, I heard the chiming of a bicycle bell.
Uh… I subconsciously look up and see a green-orange bicycle.
Sitting on the bicycle is a young man wearing a dark baseball cap and a thin black coat.
Ring! Ring!

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