Overlord, Love Me Tender

Overlord, Love Me Tender OLMT

Author: Zou Mo

4.6 (320 ratings)

378 Director (2) 1 month ago

Translator: MistyCloudTLEditor: MistyCloudTL

"Fainted but won't die." Yun Xiang icily cut a glance at Ye Qing Luo.
The Directly responded dully.
Ye Qing Luo felt the Director's gaze stopping on her face.
"Sire Director, she's merely a freshman in devil class, so even if you asked her anything, she might not be able to give you any answers." Yun Xiang's frowning white eyebrows, when mentioning Ye Qing Luo, was filled with ridicule.
Seeing that the Director's intent gaze stopping on Ye Qing Luo, Yun Xiang was truly afraid that this Director might be captivated by her.
"Sire Director, leave it to me to handle the killer's matter, I will definitely get to the bottom of this!"
Yun Xiang patted his chest, to prove his loyalty.
Ye Qing Luo couldn't bore with it and was laughing secretly.
This matter was the Director's doing, if he really found out the truth, by then Yun Xiang would probably not be able to live to tell the truth.
The light rapping noise by the Director stopped and he spoke out, "You may leave first. Ensure that

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