Overlord, Love Me Tender

Overlord, Love Me Tender OLMT

Author: Zou Mo

4.6 (360 ratings)

626 Reward 1 week ago

Translator: MistyCloudTLEditor: MistyCloudTL

"I understand Qing Luo's intentions." Long Yun Zhan nodded, "I agree."
Ye Qing Luo's lips curled upwards as she smiled at him.
It was exactly because Long Yun Zhan had not denied her intentions previously.
That was why Ye Qing Luo passed that testimonial to those group members when they left the magic beast forest.
This decision wasn't rejected by Long Yun Zhan.
The others would naturally agree and obey.
The riddle that they were playing earlier was this matter.
On seeing that Long Yun Zhan had also agreed to it, even though the other youngsters had their queries, but they still chose to believe in their judgement.
They knew that Ye Qing Luo and Long Yun Zhan would absolutely not hurt The World group.
"Lil Luo'er, the biggest contributor today is me, aren't you going to give me some special reward?" An arm surpassed Ye Qing Luo's hand as it looped around her slender waist.
Following that an elegant sandalwood fragrance attacked her nostrils.
A man's broad hug tightly plaster

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