Muchuan and Xiang Wan

Muchuan and Xiang Wan MTDG

Author: Si Jin

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491 The Woman He Ever Loved 1yr

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Bai Muchuan sent a glare over and couldn't be bothered with him.
"Could it be…" gasped Quan Shaoteng, "she's pregnant?"
Bai Muchuan pointed at the door. "Please get out of here—"
"I understand now." Quan Shaoteng got up slowly. "You got jilted by your Little Wanwan!"
"Thank you, brother! If you got jilted, that means I have a chance."
"You have a good rest, I'll go chase after her for you."
This fellow chuckled happily, snapping his fingers then placed both hands into his pockets before leaving the office dashingly.
Bai Muchuan was so annoyed by that expression that he wanted to grab him back and give him a good thrashing.
Of course, he wouldn't believe what Quan Shaoteng had said.
It was just that…
It was frustrating.
Bai Muchuan pulled a drawer and took out a packet of cigarettes.
There were only two cigarettes left.
He had smoked a bit too many cigarettes last night.
With a cough, he put the cigarettes back.
Two seconds later, he took it out again.

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