Muchuan and Xiang Wan

Muchuan and Xiang Wan MTDG

Author: Si Jin

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682 Who's Sick? 11mth

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This surprised Xiang Wan somewhat.
Why wasn't this something related to her?
Hence, she took a look at Bai Muchuan.
He looked over as well.
The two of them exchanged glances and continued to watch the video.
In the video, Ye Lun gave an account of all the things that Cui Ming did.
Things that Cui Ming did to him, as well as others…
He talked about multiple cases, from the 720 case to the 121 case.
Soon, the video showed footage of Xiang Wan, from when Cui Ming had installed a micro spy camera on the door of her rented apartment.
The school that she had gone to, her rented apartment, and even those days where she and Fang Yuanyuan stayed at Cheng Zheng's apartment in Jin City, Cui Ming had attempted to install another micro spy camera but in the end, it ended in failure as Xiang Wan accidentally saw a shadow when Fang Yuanyuan did a video chat with her.
Ye Lun also gave a detailed account of why Cui Ming did those crimes.
In the video, Ye Lun was not a criminal but more like

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