My Master Disconnected Yet Again

My Master Disconnected Yet Again MMDYA

Author: You Qian

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501 Forceful Recruitment 1 year ago

Translator: AtlasStudiosEditor: AtlasStudios

Hong Meng secretly took a peek, then immediately closed it again, fortunately it wasn't meant for him, one would be infuriated after reading it. Then he produced a hand seal, made a spell, a dozen of invitations to a duel transformed in dashes of bright light and flew out.
The date for the duel was set on the next day, as the divine race, they would definitely be able to make it. Even if these 12 people joined forces, with Chef's capabilities, he wouldn't lose. He wasn't being boastful, but it wouldn't even be a problem for him to crush them. Even if there really happened to be any accidents, there was still Shen Ying. So Lonemoon wasn't worried at all.
Then the next day, not one person came…
Lonemoon stared at the empty field, slightly not knowing how to react. Could it be that it was too far and they couldn't make it in time? It's alright, let's wait another day.
On the third day, still no one came…
Was there no basic abilities such as cutting through the void amongst the div

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