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3 C2 Elizabeth's memories 2 months ago

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My vision went black as the system chimed.

Several seconds past and a wall of glass slowly rose from the void. The pane had images that expressed emotion and expressed happiness, joy and excited.

A second for me was half a day for the images and it wasn't until a reflection of water appeared that I remembered. The system said it would show me Elizabeth's memories and due to being overwhelmed I had forgotten.

The days of joy continued until the images slowed and an army appeared.

An army made up of 100,000 silver armoured humans, wielding one spear each.
Then the pane broke into many shards and images.
Villigers being stabbed, attacked and murdered and the happy world that had been made fell apart in chaos.


[Welcome back host]
(I still will not kill the human race, when there is bad there is good)
[Host has no knowledge on the demon kings revenge, explaining, when heroes of this world killed the demon king he left a curse "thee who attacks the demon race, henceforth will cause the human race to have no virtues and only sins." What he didn't mention was that when enough humans wer

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