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Tria's curiosity towards the priestesses' book have been spiking up, and so after she took a bath and got ready for bed. Settled, she did not delay entering her consciousness.
Submerged into her consciousness, Tria was standing in front of the altar, scanning the book cover. Plastered all over it, was an image of a rune portraying a line of women with their hands raised towards the sky. Their hands were projecting lights that converged into one big light radiating over what seems to be many people. That light even reflected over the cover of the book, although dim, it was rather majestic.
Keeping in mind the warning from the previous letter, she decided to go through the book, page per page; and the first few pages detailed the basics of cultivation. Before she could start cultivating, she had to first understand what spiritual energy was.
Spiritual Energy was simply energy particles that can be absorbed and stored into your spirit. You can make breakthroughs and advance to greater heights by storing a lot of energy into your spirit until you undergo a spiritual change and upgrade your spirit capacity. The greater the capacity of your spirit, the greater the power contained in

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