The Almighty Ring

The Almighty Ring TAR

Author: Primodial Saint

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689 You Are From Earth, Right? 2yr

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"Ah yes, I can vouch for those Vampires. I have indeed told them to go to China to ask for help from the alliance. More importantly, I need you to send someone to get me. I have a present here that I'm sure that you would like." 
"Sure thing. I'll fly over myself. Which do you prefer? Helicopter or a Fighter Jet?" asked Han Tianyu. 
"Neither. I have too many things here for you. Get something big. Like, an aircraft carrier. Make sure that the ship has nothing on it! You're gonna have to load up a lot of stuff!" said Jiang Fei. 
"Slow down there. What did you get me?" said Han Tianyu, surprised. Judging from his tone, Han Tianyu knew that Jiang Fei was not kidding when he said "a lot of stuff". 
"Just get a large ship! You would need to be here as well." 
"O-Okay…" said Han Tianyu before hanging up the phone. 
"While waiting, I could train my body to get use to the new power," said Jiang Fei to himself. Having to sortie an aircraft carrier would take much longer than flying a heli

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