A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return ASR

Author: Xia Wanying

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Xia Ling smiled at Luo Luo's arrival and gave her a hug before walking over to Sister Mai Na and a few others to greet them.
Sister Mai Na was in a maroon off-shoulder gown. With her neat, clipped hair, she exuded the air of a leading lady as she always did. Upon seeing Xia Ling and Li Lei, she raised her wine glass. "Congratulations on your reconciliation."
Xia Ling turned around and glanced at Li Lei. "Mm, we won't split again this time."
"Congratulations, Xiao Ling and Boss Li," Luo Luo said. "Oh right. Congratulations Murong, 'Powerful Opponent' is a hit!"
Bai Murong smiled and pinched her nose teasingly. "Practice your singing well, we can duet next time."
Luo Luo stuck out her tongue out jokingly. "I'm nowhere as good as Xiao Ling. If we duet, you've gotta guide me along."
"Call me Brother, and I'll consider." Bai Murong laughed.
Luo Luo gave him a stare before breaking into laughter and calling him "Brother."
Bai Murong ruffled her hair.
Xia Ling watched their int

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