A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return

A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return ASR

Author: Xia Wanying

4.5 (3,182 ratings)

569 That Bastard Li Lei 1 year ago

Translator: AtlasStudiosEditor: AtlasStudios

Li Lei grabbed hold of her hand and started to take off her clothes. His hot breath lingered near her ear. "Don't move. You have to wear this set of clothes out later."
The container was very dark. The flashlight was overturned by her, falling to the ground with a loud impact.
She was afraid of attracting attention and cried. "Li Lei, let go of me!"
However, he did not let her go and pressed her into a corner filled with a pile of debris. Her clothes were removed, revealing her white shoulders, collarbone, and back…
Xia Ling was an uncommon sort of beauty. She was as delicate as jade, and every inch of her skin was carefully looked after like a flawless piece of art.
No matter how many times he looked at it, it always fascinated him.
He comfortingly kissed her and forced himself on her.
Xia Ling only felt that her body was being ripped apart and the dark shadows were about to engulf her. She helplessly hit his back, cried, cursed, and begged him, but he was indifferent and insis

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