Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School RBS

Author: Warm Color Su

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After lunch, Gu Ning, Gu Man and Gu Qing went back to the beauty salon. Gu Ning took her suitcase and went back home when it was almost 2 pm.
While she was resting in her home, she suddenly realized that she hadn't seen Chu Peihan and her other friends in a long time. Thus she sent a message to their WeChat group and proposed to gather together this afternoon for dinner. Gu Ning's sudden appearance really surprised them.
Hao Ran: Ahhhhhhh! Boss, you're finally back! I haven't seen you for so long, and I miss you so much!

Chu Peihan: Come on, come on, let's gather together right now! Where?
Chu Peihan couldn't wait to meet Gu Ning, even though it was only 2 pm.
Mu Ke: Why are you rushing? It's still early now.
Chu Peihan: So what?

Gu Ning: I need to deal with something, but we can gather together at 4 pm. Call the people who miss this Wechat message. And you can decide where we'll meet. It's my treat today, so enjoy yourself!
Hao Ran: Yeah! I love you, boss!

Chu Peihan: I

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