Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School RBS

Author: Warm Color Su

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However, before they could realize what happened, Chu Peihan said angrily, "Do you want to grab the house from Mixi's family? Impossible!"
"Peihan, Hao Ran, Zixun, Tianping!" Yu Mixi abruptly stood up with excitement, as if she saw her lifesavers. Yu Mixi's parents also relaxed seeing that Chu Peihan and the others came.
Although they weren't clear about their family background, they knew that all of them were from either rich or powerful families. Their arrival made Yu Mixi's family feel safe.
However, Yu Mixi's oldest uncle and aunt had the opposite idea. In their eyes, Chu Peihan and the others were merely a bunch of students. Yu Mixi's aunt snapped at them, "It's our family affairs, and it's none of your business!"
"It is our business, and we will support Mixi!" Hao Ran said affirmatively.
"You…" Yu Mixi's aunt as annoyed.
"You're just a bunch of kids!" Yu Mixi's oldest uncle said with disdain.
"So what? I think that you better leave now, and disappear forever. Otherwise, yo

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