Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School RBS

Author: Warm Color Su

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363 Gao Yi and Qiao Ya's Arrival 10 months ago

Translator: HenyeeEditor: Henyee

However, the man next to Quan Wenfeng shocked Gu Qinxiang. He was Jiang Xu. How come Jiang Xu is with Quan Wenfeng? Is Jiang Xu the friend that Quan Wenfeng mentioned?
When Gu Qinxiang had called Quan Wenfeng to invite him to dine together, Quan Wenfeng had told him that he already had an appointment with one of his friends. Gu Qinxiang had then invited Quan Wenfeng to come together with his friend. However, to his astonishment, Quan Wenfeng's friend was Jiang Xu. How did Jiang Xu meet Quan Wenfeng? Although Gu Qinxiang had many thoughts in his mind, it wasn't the right time to think about them. He immediately went over to welcome them, "It's so nice to meet you, Executive Quan!"
"Boss Gu, sorry to make you wait for us," Quan Wenfeng said, shaking hands with Gu Qinxiang.
"It's nothing. I just arrived too," Gu Qinxiang said.
"Please let me introduce you. This is the boss of Xuri Construction Material Store, Jiang Xu," Quan Wenfeng introduced Jiang Xu to Gu Qinxiang.
"What?" Hearing

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