Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School RBS

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367 Gao Yi Wins Again 10 months ago

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Boxer No.1 was named Da Peng. He was 35, tall, muscular and extremely strong. He was also better than Tie Jun. Otherwise, he wouldn't challenge Gao Yi after Tie Jun lost. However, he wasn't 100% confident that he would win, because Gao Yi really was an ace fighter. However, it was exciting when ace fighters met each other. Da Peng didn't want to miss this great chance just because Tie Jun lost the game. Even if he failed, he could still afford the result.
"No problem, but I'll set the bet ratio." Gao Yi accepted his challenge. He hadn't enjoyed himself enough yet!
"Sure," Da Peng replied.
After that, it was another round of betting. However, before it began, the audience had to pay for the last round.
In the last round, Gao Yi received 12.652 million yuan from those who bet on Tie Jun and a hundred thousand yuan reward. In other words, he made 12.752 million yuan in all. All of the money was transferred into the bank card that Gu Ning had given him, instead of his own bank card, be

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