Rebirth of Malicious Empress of the Military Lineage original

Rebirth of Malicious Empress of the Military Lineage by Qian Shan

Author: Beautyvang

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127 Chapter 89: No Route (Part 2) 1 week ago

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"Able and efficient people?" Shen Qiu was puzzled, "Who is that?"

The voice hardly landed when they heard Bai Lu loudly speaking, "Second Young Master, why are you here?"

"You see." Shen Miao turned back and a smile fleeted in her eyes, "The able and efficient person has come."

Shen Qiu's eyes turned and in two or three steps he had reached in front and opened the door and sure enough, Shen Yuan was standing outside. Shen Yuan had always placed importance on one's appearance but looked a bit haggard today, most likely because he was up the entire night. As compared to the act that was put on a few days ago, the look that he gave to these siblings was unconcealed dark. He said, "Fifth Younger Sister, I have something to say to you alone."

"My Younger Sister has no words to say to you." Shen Qiu stood in front of Shen Miao to block and deliberately emphasized on the three words 'My Younger Sister'.

"There is no harm Eldest Brother." Shen Miao said, "It happens to be that I also have something to say to Second Older Brother."

"Younger Sister." Shen Qiu said anxiously and almost said the words of 'that thing is not a good person'. Shen Miao patted Shen Qiu's arm, "Do

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