Rebirth of Malicious Empress of the Military Lineage original

Rebirth of Malicious Empress of the Military Lineage by Qian Shan

Author: Beautyvang

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128 Chapter 89: No Route (Part 3) 6 days ago

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For such a big event happening in the Ding capital, if Feng Xian Pawnshop did not know about the matter, it would then be strange. One fear that if Bai Xiao Sheng's ancestors were aware of it, they would jump out of their coffins to admonish them.

In the Lin Jian Pagoda, Hong Ling placed the delicate pastries on the table and set the teacups before silently retreating. Ji Yu Shu picked one piece of a snack and took a bite before spitting it out, "What kind of thing is this? It is horrible to eat." After saying so, he shyly looked towards Xie Jing Xing, "Third Xie Brother, do lend me your chef for a few days."

Xie Jing Xing gave him a concise and comprehensive word, "Get lost."

Gao Yang drank tea as he spoke, "Now that the entire capital is talking about Prince of First Rank residence, you still have the heart to eat snacks. Ji Yu Shu, you are really admirable."

"No need to admire me." Ji Yu Shu chicly adjusted his collar, "I have been so outstanding all these while. But what does the Prince residence's matter got to do with me, why can I not eat snacks?"

"Do not forget, the Chen brothers mentioned before taking action that the news was spread out by the Feng Xian Paw

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