Rebirth of Malicious Empress of the Military Lineage original

Rebirth of Malicious Empress of the Military Lineage by Qian Shan

Author: Beautyvang

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132 Chapter 91: The Death of Shen Qing (Part 2) 6 days ago

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This winter on the Ding capital, was really a troublesome season as storms came one after another. The case of the elimination of the entire household of Prince Yu was well known and even though the commoners secretly clapped in rejoice of the matter, they knew the danger of it. And the only survivor and bride, the Eldest Young Lady of the Shen family, was thrown into prison because of the inextricable relation to the case, making everyone to poke their heads out to inquire about it.

At the end of this day, there was a sudden news from the outside, that the Eldest Young Lady of the Shen family committed suicide by her own belt to preserve her innocence. She had left a bloodied letter before her death saying that she had nothing to do with the matter and coupled that since her husband was also dead, she did not want to live on thus she used death as a way of declaring her innocence.

People were strange as they were always much more tolerant of those who were dead. If it was previously because Shen Qing was pregnant before marriage, she was called a slut who did not keep the morality of a female but now with this death, it attracted a lot of sadness. One praised that she had ch

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