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Rebirth of Malicious Empress of the Military Lineage by Qian Shan

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134 Chapter 92: Jade Rabbit Festival (Part 2) 6 days ago

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Other than the three Di daughters in the Shen residence, there was actually a Shu daughter, which was Shen Dong Ling of the Second household, who was borne by Wan YiNiang. In the Shen residence, the Third household and Chen Rou Qiu only had Shen Yue, one daughter and Shen Xin and wife only had Shen Miao and Shen Qiu but the Second household Shen Gui had a houseful of concubines and also gave birth to Shu daughters but all of them died at a young age thus that was why the ranking of the Di daughters in the Shen family was somewhat odd.

Shen Dong Ling was ranked the third so she was called Third Young Lady. Ren Wan Yun had the character of most jealous, so after Wan YiNiang gave birth to Shen Dong Ling she would stay in the courtyard and not come out all day. That Shen Dong Ling was also a weak and sickly one, in Shen Miao's previous life, she did not have any impression of Shen Dong Ling at all. She was almost a transparent person, even if a Shu daughter was not favored by whichever noble family she perhaps would be bullied and scolded but would not be like this, practically forgotten by others.

If such a person like this was really weak until one could overlook and disregard,

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