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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic ITDG

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67 A Harsh Storm Incoming. 2yr

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In his first life, Shen Tian did not have it easy. His father was not home most of the time, he worked almost all day, to support the family, and was very tired by his job by the time he returned home.

He could still remember, those days, when his family didn't even have food on the table, there were days when they would only eat something which would barely keep them alive, it was lucky, that he was alone.

Honestly, after more than a billion years, he had forgotten how that felt, but that did not mean he couldn't remember it occasionally, and it always made him shiver, that was a weakness. His only one.

He spent his first life, fighting for the ability to be comfortable in life, however, sadly he died before he could manage to change it, at the age of fifteen, he had not even managed to complete school.

In his second life, he was born an orphan, then, at the tender age of six he was adopted by a middle aged woman, who due to some problems, couldn't ever have a baby, so she decided to adopt one instead.

The woman had not been bad to him, in fact she had loved him dearly, however she also died a few years later, when he was only 12, and had only started to sail on his

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