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Shen Tian did not seem to be affected by the fact that his blood was slightly being affected by the Law of Blood Tong Zhong used, he was using his Chakra to stabilize the blood inside his body.

He extended a hand into the air, and the wind gathered to create a Rasenshuriken, Tong Zhong frowned,'This boy is showing power far beyond the level of a normal member of the young generation… He is dangerous, I have to eliminate him before he becomes a true threat to our sovereign!'

Tong Zhong was thrown away, as the Rasenshuriken slammed into his stomach,'How the hell did he suddenly appear in front of me out of nowhere, I'm sure he was several meters away just a moment ago…'

Several wounds appeared on his stomach, with several cuts. Tong Zhong did not care about the pain he was currently experiencing, his eyes looked at Shen Tian, be could not see him, but he could definitely sense him.

Shen Tian slammed his foot on Tong Zhong's head, crashing him into the ground, creating a small crater, the army surrounding him were sent flying, there wasn't much they could do to affect the battle.

"Brat, you are indeed not as bad as I thought you were, how many people have you surprised

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