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Tong Zhong looked at the golem of blood, which was slowly being stopped by the massive amounts of fragments of the meteor, he waved his hand and the golem dispersed, only leaving blood behind.

Honestly, Tong Zhong was not going all out, but it would hurt his pride to go all out to fight a mere brat, who was several decades younger than him, it would be a wound to his pride for his entire life.

"You have done something astonishing, I shall report this to the Vice Patriarch and the Patriarch." Tong Zhong looked at Shen Tian, connecting his eyes with his red eyes for a moment, making him freeze.

The next moment he snorted and moved forward, not affected by Shen Tian's cold glare, the latter chuckled,'The plan is in the move now, it's only a matter of time before the two factions will arise.'

Tong Zhong gathered the incredible amount of blood, and formed a shield, Shen Tian did not bother to interrupt their retreat, since there was no meaning in chasing the wounded soldiers, they had won the war.

Shen Tian was given a medal of honour, and several titles for protecting the Underground City from threats, although it was simply stunning that he had managed to stop the inva

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