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"This is indeed very odd." The Devil Monarch extended a hand towards the corpse of Tong Zhong, a massive amount of Law Energy escaped his body, entering Tong Zhong's body, and then going back to his body. He closed his eyes, and snorted,"Seems the very own faction I created, actually is responsible for weakening me in the first place!"

"Listen people, I shall reveal a tiny detail to how I was sealed, since this majesty is truly bored. None of you are able to entertain me besides that boy there, but our fight can continue another day." The Devil Monarch create a chair of his own, as he sat into it, however it was a throne instead of a casual chair.

"When I, your majesty was sealed by that rubbish supreme shit you call a supreme leader, I split my body and soul into two. My soul was sealed inside the body of a boy, the one you call the Devil Monarch was the descendant of that boy, thus my soul traveled to his after the boy I was sealed inside died."

"However, my body was The So called White Monarch is the one who I choose to give my body to. With his Space and Time Law, he kept the body new and fresh, thus he was the perfect choice! However my foolish sanctua

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