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Shen Tian sighed,"Let's stop here, there is no use to continuing this battle, neither one of us is willing to end it." He could indeed kill the Chaos Emperor, but it would take far too much effort, and he was not willing to put himself into a bad position, he could use other techniques, but he was too rusty, not having practiced them in a long time.

The Chaos Emperor raised an eyebrow, before snorting,"Fine, this majesty shall give you the tie for now. But do not think It's because I would've lost, it's merely because I'm a bit tired from this much fighting, this majesty requireds to rest for a bit!" He stated, as he created a chair to sit on comfortably.

" I would also like to talk to you two calmly, I Do not want to fight two extremely strong experts like you two after all." A gentle and feminine voice rang out, most people would mistake it for the voice of a woman, but it was actually the voice of a young man, the Supreme Leader of the Underground Region.

The Chaos Emperor froze, before growling."You bastard… Xian Long!How dare you appear in front of me like this, I shall exterminate you now that I was given the chance to do it…" He rose from his seat, his hands being c

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