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Xian Long chuckled,"Little foolish junior disciple, do not think you can win against me, but you both are indeed a troublesome issue in front of my plans… I need to get rid of both of you to feel more comfortable with the progression of my plans." Shen Tian narrowed his eyes upon hearing 'plans'.

It seems even the so called Saint and Guardian of the Underground City and Region was not as saintly and kind as he was said to be. Instead, from his current perspective of him, he looked very selfish and obsessed with talent. But his strength was indeed not too low, especially in such a place like this, Shen Tian would have to go all out to defeat him without breaking through to the Heavenly Fate Realm.

Hopefully, it would not lead to an all out battle, if it did Shen Tian was still confident he could win, he had too many hidden cards up his sleeves that he had yet to use, after all it was not needed, since his life had yet to be risked even once. Xiao Long started to laugh loudly,"Do you know why I want both of you dead?"

The Chaos Emperor couldn't care less, after all he had known his senior disciple for more than a hundred years before dying, knew that any plan Xiao Long had,

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