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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic ITDG

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Shen Tian's eyes started to rotate as a slight amount of blood left his left eye. Black Flames appeared on top of several Black Armored Cultivators, those were not simply Black Flames of the Amaterasu, they were coated in Divine Fire which increases the temperature of the Black Flames by dozens of times.

The Black Armor started to shake visibly, but the temperature was still not high enough for it to start melting. Shen Tian was very amused, although he had coated the Black Flames of the Amaterasu in Divine Fire, he had yet to reach the full potential of the Black Divine Flames if that failed as well… The one who made those armors was possibly a Deity Rank Expert.

Shen Tian stopped thinking for a moment. Was it only his imagination or were the Black Armored Cultivators releasing cries of agony… He looked at Xian Long who was barely holding his laughter. " Stupid Chaos Emperor, is it just me or are they feeling the pain through the weird Black Armor?"

It seems that even if the Black Divine Flames were incapable of damaging the black armor those cultivators were wearing, the temperature of it was still capable of going through the armor and damaging the ones wearing the

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